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Stoop n Poop Foldable Toilet Stool - Black

Stoop n Poop Foldable Toilet Stool - White


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• Designed  to support regular bowel function & healthier elimination, colon health and help relieve constipation
• Achieves the optimal squatting position for easier, healthier bowel movements
• Help relieve gas & bloating
• Strengthen digestive system
• Reduces straining and alleviates constipation and relieve haemorrhoids
• Patented foldable design for the ultimate in convenience and portability
• Ergonomic, universal fit for all toilets
• Rubber grips on feet and textured grip on surface for stability and comfort
• Minimalist, compact design ideal for travel
• Waterproof, easy to clean, hypo-allergenic & mould resistant
• Safe for the entire family

• Why Squat?
Sitting on a modern toilet places your knees at a 90-degree angle to your abdomen, which actually hinders elimination by pinching off your anal canal.
Squatting, on the other hand, places your knees closer to your torso, and this position changes the spatial relationships of your intestinal organs and musculature, relaxing and straightening your rectum.
As a result, you maximize the efficiency of elimination. Importantly, this prevents fecal stagnation and the accumulation of toxins in your intestinal tract that can fester and contribute to bowel problems and a variety of discomforts.
In fact, non-Westernized societies, in which people squat rather than sit, do not have the high prevalence of bowel disease seen in developed nations; in some cultures with traditional lifestyles, these diseases are virtually unknown.

• Colour: White
• Dimensions: 41cm x 25cm x 9cm
• Weight: 1.05kg
• Warranty: 12 Months

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Shipping Length (CM) 41
Shipping Width (CM) 25
Shipping Height (CM) 9
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