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Gas Products

Yes. Cylinders should only be filled to 80% of the cylinder capacity. This allows for gas expansion/vaporization in the remaining 20% space. If the cylinder is filled to the top, and then warmed, the liquid will expand and the cylinder can burst open. This is very dangerous and could cause serious damage and probable injury. It should therefore be kept away from extreme heat. Over-filling also causes issues with a gas appliance not functioning correctly as liquid gas is being pumped into the regulator blocking it up.

The cylinder neck contains information on the weight of the cylinder. The tare weight (TW) is the weight of an empty cylinder. Add the tare weight to the capacity of the cylinder e.g. (A 3kg cylinder TW – 4.4 and capacity 3 = 7.4kg), (A 4.5kg cylinder TW – 5.7 and capacity 4.5 = 10.2kg) and (A 9kg cylinder TW – 9.4 and capacity 9 = 18.4kg) and weigh it. If it exceeds the total weight, then your unit is over-filled. In such an instance, the cylinder must be returned to the re-filling station. Users are no longer allowed to purge the excess gas themselves.

Any appliance should have a gas consumption rate printed in the instructions or on the product. This is usually measured in grams. You then convert the capacity of your cylinder to grams (e.g. a 9kg cylinder would be 9000 grams) and divide the cylinders capacity into the consumption rate. For example if you are using a gas bbq that uses 370 grams of gas per hour with a 9kg cylinder, the calculation is 9000 divided by 370. This gives you just over 24 hours of use.

Alva stocks replacement parts for your gas BBQ.

Follow these steps for fast and accurate part replacement:

Refer to the Parts List in the manual to identify the part(s) and contact us on 086 100 ALVA (2582) or email us at